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"Hey Crissy, I should have chosen you for my best friends bachelor party. I called around and while doing so, I spoke to another 'local tahoe stripper, xxxxx'. She had nothing but horrible things to say about you. Like the dumb ass I am, I went with her. From the first moment the two men arrived, I men strippers, we were all so very disappointed. If we are ever in town again, I swear on my first born that we are calling you directly".
Travis W. San Francisco, Ca
 "We had Crissy Lee and Myia, let me tell you, absolutely the best bachelor party I've ever attended and it was all because of these two. We were constantly impressed. Went with the VIP Show which included everything for 2 hours. Not only did I think this was a great price for everything but the girls stayed about 3 hours plus they made a lot more. Everyone ended up being very happy. Thanks again Crissy for your help with everything"
Matt Hollensfield, Chicago Illinois
"Crissy Lee is Smoking Hot and an absolute blast. Her and her partner put on a wonderful show leaving all of us looking for hookers. Okay maybe not (just in case my fiance see's this) Haha Seriously though, Thanks again Ladies!"
Mike Little, Reno, Nv.
Lake Tahoe Strippers - Crissy Lee Striptease -"I called a couple different companies, of course to be a cheap man and try and find the best deals. From one company to another, I kept asking about the other companies and not one had a nice thing to say about one another. Then I called Crissy, well Riley answered but not only did she not talk bad about other companies but as I was haggling telling her that another company offered it for a cheaper price, Riley's reply was, then go with that company if its all about the money but if you want a fantastic show you'd be making a mistake" my reply was ' Book em up Danno, I mean Riley'. Loved these girls. Crissy and Riley = an unforgettable time with drop dead beauties.I was the lucky man that got to assist in helping Riley take this photo"
Aaron Watson, Rancho Cordova, Ca
"3rd Bachelor Party with Crissy and she gets better and better each time. We'll see you this summer!"
All The Boys From Sf, California

lake tahoe strippers - crissy lee strippers in tahoe"Would I be perverted if I said a month later that I'm still hard as a rock, well I didn't say it, I typed it. Book these girls now and take a lot of mental pictures. I took the real ones and got smacked by Crissy, a very seductive, naughty little smack that has left me wanting more. Who's ready to get married? I need an excuse to get these girls again!"
Brian Mendez, Chico, California
"These ladies did not disappoint!"
Unknown, Fairfield, California
"Hello Ladies. Riley and Crissy were beyond my wildest dreams. Great racks, nice figures, cute and great personalties. Now I just need to know they you ladies make a killer Grilled Cheese sandwich and I will say PERFECT 10. Epic Party!"
San Francisco, California
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